Reseller Portal

With the ability to manage your clients needs through a secure portal, IPFAXSERVICES makes your job that much easier, giving you time to focus on sales and client care. Contact us today


Have a portal already and want to incorporate fax provisioning? No problem. We offer integration into your portal and billing platform to streamline your billing and provisioning. Contact us today

Billing tools

Send monthly billing in PDF or CSV to help you bill your clients effectively. Contact us today


Understanding that your brand is everything, IPFAXSERVICES is designed to be white-labelled. Integrate into your brand and promote your services. IP Fax is here to serve you and help make you successful. Contact us today


Security is a big deal. Your reputation is on the line every day. IP Fax Servces is the only fax solution on IP that incorporates online banking level security. Contact us today

100% Canadian

With our own servers located throughout Canada and by partnering with major Canadian carriers, IPFAXSERVICES keeps your data on Canadian soil. This is critical for many private and public agencies. This is why we count the RCMP, CBSA, Commissionaires, Federal and Provincial governments, local law enforcement and emergency response agencies as our clients. Contact us today

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