We’ve built a tool for other VOIP providers to easily integrate fax into their service offering. We’ve invested in the infrastructure and know-how so you can quickly come up to speed and start selling.

We’ve been working with IP Fax since 2006, when our oil and gas clients in Alberta were desperate to migrate their fax services from analog cell phones to new digital networks as networks were approaching sunset. Now we offer robust IP faxing to a huge variety of enterprises and government users across Canada.

From inception we’ve worked with partners to integrate our solutions into a broader range of products and services. We know our product is niche and fits a need that is part of a larger conversation about how an enterprise optimizes their telecommunications needs. As such we know that in order for us to succeed we need to provide enough incentive to our partners that there is real value to them.

Spawned in the oil patch in Alberta, IPFAXSERVICES has grown from coast to coast. From Coast Guard ships in the pacific to fishing fleets in the Atlantic, to fire camps in Northern BC, our services are in use all across this great country.