Our NET SatisFAXtion solution is designed to allow users to quickly and easily connect standard fax machines and analog phones to IP networks.

Utilizing the T.38 standard and leveraging HTTPS, the same technology used for online banking, faxes are sent reliably, securely traversing company firewalls and NAT (network address translation). Other IP fax solutions require ports and endpoints opened on firewalls. This is less secure, and can be problematic in the field as faxes get hung up and lost over the network.

The NET SatisFAXtion solution works with all cellular networks, cable, DSL, IP based satellite connections.

T.38 has become the standardized protocol for sending analog faxes over IP. Developed in 1998, it provides a way to permit faxes to be transported across IP networks.

Faxing will not be consistent on regular VoIP systems as they are optimized for voice rather than data calls. Conventional fax machines work poorly or not at all due to network impairments such as delay, jitter, and packet loss.

Please note that other IP fax solutions are available, but are not future proof.

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure – a combination of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol with the SSL/TLS protocol to provide encrypted communication and secure identification of a network web server